Mission Possible – How I’ve Turned From Mummy’s Boy Into a Three Course Masterchef

“There is one thing more exasperating than a spouse  who can cook and won’t, and that’s a spouse who can’t cook and will.” Unknown

For guys like me, cooking was really a pain. My mother used to take care all the cooking and stuffs in my family.

I never thought that one day I’d be standing in the kitchen cooking for me and for someone else. I thought that my mother would be the one cooking for me until I get married, and after that, my future wife would take care of cooking and meals for the rest of my life.

Then everything changed.

The First Faltering Steps to Learning to Cook

When I moved abroad, I realized I had to do all those stuffs that I was not used to: cooking, washing clothes, cleaning the house, etc. This marked an important milestone of my life – learning to do everything as an adult.

I admit it was really tough in the beginning. I was living with another guy, and he was in the same situation with me. At first, we could hardly cook anything decent. The frequent meals that we had were just fried eggs, roasted chicken and cabbage.

This went on for the whole first week until we were so fed up with eating the same meal day by day.

Online Cooking Support From Mom

I was lucky that I have a very caring mother. Whenever I tried to cook something, she gave me advice in Skype. Later, I also looked for more recipes from the Internet to improve my cooking skills. My cooking skills improved as time went on and after about two months, I was already able cook many tasty and delicious dishes.

(If you’re a fan of Vietnamese food I would recommend you to cook check out RecipeSource’s Vietnamese recipes, and try preparing Vietnamese Spring Rolls. They are yummy!)

Cooking is Caring For Each Other

I first met my girlfriend two years after I came to Finland. At that time, my cooking skills were much better than how it used to be. In the beginning, my girlfriend was not so used to living on her own in a foreign country. Therefore, I would be the one to do all the cooking.

After the first few months, we started to cook together. It was great fun for the two of us to cook together, we were laughing and playing around while cooking. I found out that my girlfriend is also a great cook. As she is from the Southern part of Vietnam, the dishes she makes were different from my style. However, it was great to try out new dishes and I even got addicted to some of her dishes.

We both believe that cooking is caring for each other and we both put our best efforts and emotions into it.

The Way to Man’s Heart Is Through His Stomach

After one long working day, my girlfriend surprised me, thanks to the amazing Relationship Games. She welcomed me home with a warm meal, which really saved my life, as I was so exhausted. After the delicious dinner, she served me my favorite Vietnamese dessert called “Sam Bo Luong”, which I haven’t eaten for so long. I was really happy and felt so in love with her.

After I found out that was a “Favorite Dessert” mission of Relationship Games, I felt grateful that the game has given me such a reward like that. I was really curious to find out more cooking missions of the game and had an urge to play the game more often.

Mission Possible – Three Course Masterchef

My lover ordered a “Three Course Masterchef” reward for herself after couple of weeks playing the game. So I wrapped up my sleeves and prepared her three of her favorite dishes – Basic Vegetable Platter as a starter, Vietnamese Five Spice Chicken as a main course and Bánh Cam (delicious sesame balls) for the dessert. She could just sit back and relax, enjoy the food and be a tasting master.

That evening was something. I made my precious one feel over the moon.

That’s how I had become a real three course masterchef!

Phuong Nam

Ps. Now my goal is to collect enough points to gain the “Three Course Masterchef” reward from her. With this reward, I can order my girlfriend to cook three of my favorite dishes for me. How cool is that?

This story belongs to Relationship Games Mission Possible series! We believe that every love mission is unique and worth of sharing. Did you get inspired about this love mission story? Share your love story with us!

Author of the story, Phuong Nam, 23, has been living together with his girlfriend over two years. In addition to being an International Business student and games enthusiastic, he is a romanticist and loves to do sweet and loving things to his girlfriend.

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